Safe Kids Helmet Hair Meme - Customizable

Safe Kids Helmet Hair Meme - Customizable
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A Bicycle Ride in a "Stay at Home" World can Improve Your Day!

Promote Bike Riding and Correct Helmet Use with this
Customizable Bike Safety Meme

"Helmet hair? Who cares?!" This eye-catching meme can feature your Coalition and Lead Agency with customizable fields you simply fill-in. The meme provides an easy way to raise helmet awareness and promote bicycle riding through your social media channels. 

Even with social distancing, physical activity promotes health and well-being. If you are riding or encouraging others to ride, consider these guidelines:

  • If you are under "shelter in place" or "stay at home" orders, only ride solo or with members of your own household. (And if anyone is under self-quarantine, wait the 14 days before venturing out.)
  • Choose a time of day when fewer people are out and about.
  • Pick a route that is safe but is less likely to be used by others.
  • If you do encounter anyone, stay at least 6 ft. away.
  • If you haven't ridden in awhile, please review bicycle riding skills and rules of the road before going out on your bike.

To shop for more Bicycle Safety materials that can be customized for your Coalition and Lead Agency, follow this link.