Be Bright! Be Seen! Special (until 8/31/19)

Be Safe! Be Seen! Special

Use code BE-SEEN2 when you order and here’s what will happen for the items below: 1) You will not be charged a set-up fee. 2) You will save 10% (on orders of $250 or more of these items; minimum quantities apply) 3) You will get top quality reflectives and pedestrian or bicycle safety education reflectives– customized for your program.

This promotion ends August 31, 2019 so call Jamie for your free estimate today: 1-877-669-7233, ext. 206; or request a quote or samples here. (This promotion may not be combined with other offers.)

2-3/4" Reflective Round Zipper Pulls
Sku: RF325
6-3045 Halloween Pedestrian Safety Lights & Custom Card
Sku: 6-3045
Sku: P-REF-28660
Sku: P-REF-28670
Sku: P-BND-28680
Your Logo Zipper Pull
R312 Reflective LED Band
Sku: R312
Bike Safety Light Set & Custom Card
Sku: R400
R401 LED Reflector Lights
Sku: R401
Bike/Pedestrian Safety Light Set & Custom Card
Sku: R403
Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Light Set
Sku: R404
R412 Round Swivel Blinking Light with Clip
Sku: R412
R600 Square Reflective Sticker Sheet
Sku: R600
R601 Round Reflective Sticker Sheet
Sku: R601
R605 Reflective Rectangular Sticker
Sku: R605