Child Passenger Safety Teaching Tools

Teach parents and families about child passenger safety and the importance of using the right seat. You can customize most items with your logo and contact information.  You can even include local and statewide maps to help parents find a fitting state.  Spanish language and Safe Kids Worldwide versions are also available. 

You are also welcome to request a catalog or sample our other child passenger safety products by contacting; 1-877-669-7233.

Address your community outreach goals with research-based education materials, featuring your department—with your messaging—translated into the languages you need most—all with the I’m Safe! commitment to quality, affordability and personalized customer service.

2-4240 Be Safe Buckle Up Tattoos
Sku: 2-4240
10-4590 Road Warriors Safe to the Xtreme Activity Book
Sku: 10-4590
2-3890 Bilingual Life Size Height Chart Display - Alejandro
Sku: 2-3890
2-5015 Parent Tip Sheet - Car Safety
Sku: 2-5015
Activity/Lesson: Soft Tummies, Strong Bones
2-3680 Large Format Teaching Cards - Car Safety
Sku: 2-3680
2-3190 I'm Safe! in the Car DVD
Sku: 2-3190
2-4712  Car Safety Education Kit for Early Childhood
Sku: 2-472
 2-1172 I'm Safe! in the Car Activity Coloring Book
Sku: 2-1172
Custom Booster Seat Safety Stickers English Version
Sku: 2-1099 CUSTKR
Booster Seat Screen Cleaner Reminder
Sku: 2-2600
2-1097 Custom Child Safety ID Sticker
Sku: 2-1097
2-5110  Heatstroke Thermometer Window Cling
Sku: 2-5110
I'm Safe! Standard Crayons
Sku: 8-2500
Booster Seat Bookmark
Sku: 2-3023
2-3025 "Is Your Child in the Right Car Seat?" Bookmark
Sku: 2-3025
11 Ways to Keep Your Child Safer in a Car
Car Safety Activity Page: Who is Riding Safely?
2-8020 The Right Car Seat Info-Pledge Card - NHTSA messaging
Sku: 2-8020
2-5104  Look Before You Lock Window Cling
Sku: 2-5104
Car Seat Checkup Announcement Posters - Your Choice
2017 I'm Safe! Catalog
Sku: 2017 Catalog
2-2793 Child Passenger Safety Height Chart
Sku: 2-2793