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  • Coloring Changing Sunglasses
    Draw attention with these exciting new UV ray activated sunglasses. When exposed to sunlight the color of the frames changes color. They feature dark plastic, ultraviolet protective lenses with UV 400 rating that will protect your eyes from the bright sun.  5...
    Sku: SG100
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  • Neon Sunglasses
    Fun-in-the-sun style floats in water and features brightly colored neon or black temples and dark plastic, ultraviolet-protective lenses.  2" H x 5 3/4" W Details: Colors: Neon Pink, Red, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Neon Blue, Purple...
    Sku: SG101
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  • Cool Metallic Sunglasses
    Stylish matte metallic frame. Features dark, ultraviolet protective lenses with UV 400 rating to protect your eyes from the bright sun.  1 7/8" H x 5 3/4" W Details: Colors: Metallic Blue, Metallic Silver, Metallic Purple, Metallic Green,...
    Sku: SG103
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  • Health and Safety Sun Fun Bracelets
    Add some color and fun to your next health and safety event with these sun fun bracelets.  These unique bracelets change color when exposed to sun light. A great reminder for kids to put on sun block or be safe around water.  The bracelet is proudly made...
    Sku: 28630
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  • $1.34
    Sun fun bracelets are a very cool item to use when trying to reach pre-teens with health and safety messages.  These unique bracelets change color based on sunlight. A great reminder for Safe Routes to School, Buckle Up or Wear a Helmet programs.  The...
    Sku: 28630
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  • Water Bottle Caddy with Carry Strap
    This fabric-foam insulator is the perfect way to keep drinks cool, and share safety steps.  The water bottle holder comes with a carry strap which makes it easy to clip onto a walker or tote. You can put your logo and safety message on the holder; or use the...
    Sku: BCC73
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  • Collapsible Water Bottle 16.9 oz.
    Hydrate yourself on the go with this collapsible water bottle. Made with the convenience of portability, this water bottle lays flat to conserve space. Just fold-n-go, add to your purse, backpack, or any type of bag. This 16.9 Oz. container comes with the option...
    Sku: WB200
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