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  • 2-2192 Never Leave a Child Alone in the Car Poster English
    “How hot is too hot?” Capture caregivers’ attention with this powerful, eye-catching poster. Vivid graphics remind parents to never leave a child alone in the car, even for a quick errand. Useful tips are provided to help keep children safe from...
    Sku: 2-2192
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  • 2-2193 Heatstroke Prevention Poster English
    “Heatstroke: How to protect your child” offers practical, positive steps to prevent heatstroke. Caregivers are encouraged to "Always take your child with you, even for a quick errand." You can have your own customized version of this poster,...
    Sku: 2-2193
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  • 2-3893 Never Leave a Child in the Car Stand Up HeatstrokeBanner
    Prevent Heatstroke “How does the backseat feel on an 80º day after 20 minutes?” This powerful eye-catching banner leaves no doubt about the dangers of leaving a child in the car alone. Tips for parents and caregivers provide useful ways to prevent...
    Sku: 2-3893
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  • 2-3894 Heatstroke Prevention Stand Up Banner
    Always Take Your Child With You “Heatstroke: How to Protect Your Child” offers practical, positive steps to prevent parents and caregivers from intentionally or unintentionally leaving a child alone in a car. This powerful eye-catching banner presents...
    Sku: 2-3894
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  • 2-5017 Easy Reader Tip Sheet - Heatstroke Prevention - English
    This tip sheet clearly shows how "You Can Keep Your Child From Getting Hurt Inside Cars.” Written so the information is accessible to both native and non-native speakers, this illustrated tip sheet raises awareness of heatstroke and the dangers of...
    Sku: 2-5017
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  • 2-5121 Heatstroke Prevention Info Card - Park. Look. Lock.
    Changing Habits to Prevent Child Heatstroke Encourage parents and caregivers to always get in the habit of checking the back seat before locking the car.  These Custom Information Cards provide the perfect opening to discuss the common circumstances like a...
    Sku: 2-5121
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  • Heatstroke Prevention Cell Phone Bag
    Heatstroke Prevention Cell Phone Bag Offer a cell phone bag that reminds parents to always check the back seat before they leave their cars. When a child is accidentally left behind, it is often due to a change in routine. Using a cell phone bag and...
    Sku: BAG05-HSTRK
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