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  • 1-0100 Parent Tip Sheet - Bicycle Safety - English
    Make it easier for parents to teach their children how to ride safety! "You Can Help Keep Children Safe on Bikes and Wheels" provides illustrated tips with a parent-child helmet safety activity on the reverse side.  This...
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  • 10-4600 Walk 'n Roll Safe to the Xtreme Activity Book
    Help teens develop street smarts! The Walk 'n Roll Safe to the Xtreme Self Cover Activity Book is geared to pre-teens, ages 9 to 12.  This walking and bicycling activity book is perfect for Walk to School and Safe Routes...
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  • 10-4640 Xtreme Traffic Safety Bingo Game for Pre-Teens
    Catch someone doing something safe! Build kids' confidence and promote safe decisions in risky situations. Ideal for ages 9-12. Features:  Two games in one: Xtreme Bingo and Xtreme Challenge (instructions are on the back of the cards)  Laminated...
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  • 10-4890 Concussion Prevention Tabletop Display
    What happens when you hit your head? Use this highly visual tabletop display to demonstrate how concussions occur and how one can manage and help prevent them. The information in this display is compatible with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC...
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  • Safe Routes to School Activity Coloring Book
    Learn about bicycle and pedestrian safety! Our self-cover Safe Routes to School Activity Coloring Book is a fun, cost-effective way to teach bicycle and pedestrian safety to support your Safe Routes to School or Walk to...
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  • 1-1010 I'm Safe! on My Bike Storybook - English
    This entertaining, full-color Storybook is an engaging way for kids to learn the five keys to safe riding. The I'm Safe! on My Bike Storybook includes fun, age-appropriate bicycle safety activities that parents and teachers can do with children...
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  •  I'm Safe! on My Bike Activity Coloring Book
    Keep Kids Safer on Bicycles I'm Safe! on My Bike Activity Book Bring bike safety to life with the engaging I'm Safe! on my Bike Activity Book. This self-cover edition inspires kids and parents to ride...
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  • 1-1060 I'm Safe! on My Bike Poster - English
    The colorful, informative I'm Safe! on My Bike Poster is a fun way to reinforce the important children's bicycle safety information presented in the I'm Safe! on My Bike Storybooks and Activity Books.  The safety rules on the...
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  • 1-1070 I'm Safe! on Wheels Presenter's Guide For Pre-K to 3
    The I'm Safe! on Wheels Presenter's Guide makes it easy to integrate bicycle safety and safe riding into any curriculum or lesson plan. The Guide includes ideas for 1-, 5- and 15-minute time slots; activities that make use of materials already...
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  • 1-1088 Custom Bike Safely Stickers Bilingual Edition
    The perfect giveaway! Custom stickers ind English/Spanish combine recognition for your organization with critical safety messaging. Each custom bilingual Bike Safety sticker is printed on a 3" x 3" square and individually cut and trimmed and shrink...
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