Active Supervision This Holiday Season

According to the Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center, active supervision is a critical component in promoting a safe environment and has been proven to prevent injuries in young children. It requires focused attention and intentional observation – and a systematic approach. The six stages include setting up their environment, positioning staff, scanning and counting, listening, anticipating children’s behavior, and engaging and redirecting. I’m Safe! can also help expand reach in these areas.

For parents, Stephen Wanyingo states that active supervision:

  • “Means you are constantly paying attention (watching, listening) to your children and [keeping them] within reach.
  • “Gives you every possible chance to reach your child if he/she is attempting to do something that could cause an injury.
  • “Lets you spend valuable time with them as they explore their world.
  • “Shows you what they are capable of doing and how mobile they are, e.g., how far they can reach, climb, etc. This highlights what action you need to take now to help prevent an injury [from] happening.”*

As we approach the holiday season, it’s important to remember that while the holidays are a fun and exciting time, they can pose threats to children in terms of decorations, parties, cold weather, lack of home safety, or unsafe travel conditions for those making a trip to see their loved ones.

Safe Kids Worldwide shares the following holiday safety facts:

  • 3,270 children were seen in emergency rooms for injuries caused by nonelectric holiday decorations in one year.
  • 192,000 children were treated in emergency rooms for toy-related injuries in the same year.
  • An estimated 136,314 children ages 19-and-under were injured due to a fire or burn.

We understand that ensuring families, schools, and community organizations have the resources they need to ensure child safety each holiday season is incredibly important. Active supervision is the most effective strategy for creating a safe environment and preventing injuries in young children, transforming supervision from a passive approach to an active skill.

At I’m Safe!, we believe that active supervision and home safety go hand in hand. Our home safety products cover a variety of topics including Make A Family Escape Plan Activity Book, Fire & Burn Prevention Display, Keeping Your Baby Safe Refrigerator Magnets, and more. We are committed to providing products that are accurate, age-appropriate, encourage parent-child interaction, and reflect best practices. Get a head start on the busy holiday season, contact us today to learn more.

* From “Child Safety: The Importance of Supervising Your Children