• I just found about an event that I am doing in two weeks.  How long does it take to get I'm Safe products?  With a few exceptions, our materials are print-on-demand.  So how does it take to get items?  It really varies, an we always want to know if you have a specific need by date because we will meet if if we possibly can.
    • Paper print items (activity books, posters, bookmarks, custom stickers, etc) Approx. 5-7 business days for production plus shipping.

    • Reflective items (Zipper pulls, bands, lights) Timing varies per item, but please allow 3-4 weeks production time for standalone items and 3-5 weeks for items that require assembly (goodie bags, bike lights or zipper pulls with cards), plus shipping.

    • Stand up banners and displays Approximately 2-3 weeks for production, plus shipping.

    • Window Clings Clings with no temperature strip take approximately 2-3 weeks for production and clings with a temperature strip take 3-5 weeks for production and assembly (depending on quantity ordered), followed by shipping times.

    • Incentive items (bottles, fans, pencils) These type of items typically take 1-3 weeks for production, depending on the item. Please let us know if you have a specific receipt date and we can let you know what is possible for the items that you would like to purchase. 

      Shipping times are based on ground and are usually between 3-5 business days once production has been completed.


  • Do you accept purchase orders? Yes, we love purchase orders! While you don't have to use one (payment can be made by credit card or check as well), if your organization requires you to do so, we are happy to provide you with an estimate in advance, a sole source letter for all items that qualify, and a copy of our W-9. If there are vendor forms that we need to complete so that you can purchase from us, just let us know. (Eventually it would be great to have a landing page for the Comprehensive Sole Source letter). Please note that orders placed with a purchase order will not be able to go to production until we have received the PO.




  • Are thre any special offers available? Our specials can be found in the emails that we send out or on the main page of the I'm Safe website. The month's special can also be found in banners above an item description. We also have a rewards program, so please don't hesitate to ask us whether you qualify for that.


  • I need an activity book that covers several different safety topics - do you offer any? We have several multi-topic activity coloring books, but we also offer the option to build your own activity book by selecting specific pages and putting them in any order you would like. You can create a book with 12, 16, 20, 24, or even 28 pages (four of those pages are the outside and inside covers) on our website, select the cover of your choice, and customize the title. You can view the video on how that works here.



  • Can you translate I'm Safe! materials into other languages? Absolutely.  Just let us know which language you are interested in, which item(s) you would like to purchase, and the quantity, and we will be happy to provide you with a quote.  Please note that translation and design time varies per item type and language, so please all for this to take approximately two weeks in addition to normal turnaround time on an item.