Car Seat Safety: Protecting Your Child from Hyperthermia Ann Weinstein Fletcher Allen Health Care

Warm weather is finally starting to reach us in Midcoast, Maine. Granted, our definition of warm is anything over 40 degrees.

With the warm weather we thought you might like Ann Weinstein's blog about hyperthermia, a.k.a. heat stroke.  Ann is a Child Passenger Safety Specialist at the Office of Community Health Improvement at Fletcher Allen Health Care. Ann writes...

"As the summer season approaches and the warm weather returns, it’s time to talk about another kids and cars topic. In January, I wrote about dangers of children wearing winter coats and buntings in car seats. This time, we’re going to talk about hyperthermia."

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If you are looking for eye catching educational materials to help parents understand the dangers of leaving children alone in car check out our new heat stroke/hyperthermia products.