Snowmobile & ATV Safety

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… Yes, it’s true, Meredith Wilson wrote those exact words back in 1951 in her popular Christmas song, and for many of us, Christmas looks like a lot of snow. December is well underway and winter storms aren’t far off. Snow and outdoor enthusiasts go hand-in-hand, which is why it’s a great time of year to talk about Snowmobile Safety.

Did you know that the modern snowmobile can weigh up to 700 pounds? They’re big, powerful, and fast machines that offer a fun outdoor activity, but they also come with some real safety concerns. In recent reports from the NRS Injury Law, snowmobile accidents are the cause of 14,000 injuries annually, and lead to nearly 200 deaths each year.

The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association also found that the three most significant factors that came into effect for snowmobile accidents were inattention, inexperience, and unsafe speed.

When raising awareness for Snowmobile Safety, we think about ATV Safety as well. In fact, the ATV is more widely used than snowmobiles to their lack of need for snow. ATVs are frequently linked to head and neck injuries. Today goes on to report that each day an average of 31 children are treated in emergency departments for ATV-related injuries. Those numbers have only gone up since the start of the pandemic.

More stunningly, the Consumer Product and Safety Commission noted that there were at least 15,744 ATV-related fatalities between 1982 and 2018. So, what can we do to help?

This winter, we want to help expand your safety efforts in ways that work best for you. From our How to Stay Safe on ATVs Stand-Up Banner to our Snow Riders Safe to the Xtreme Activity Book to our Brain Function Tabletop Display, we are confident we have resources to support your initiatives.

We truly stand by our motto of: Aware. Prepared. Healthy. At Every Age. Please let us know of any upcoming events you have planned for 2023. Wishing you a safe (and warm) winter season!