We love hearing from our happy clients!

Suzanne Grace, The Executive Director of the Tall Pine Safety Resource Center, sent us a nice note that made our day at I'm Safe!  We thought we'd share it... 

“Your products have always been ahead of the curve and I thank you for creating them! Even though 4’ 9” is just one guideline to help determine seat belt readiness, Stand Up Steve/Stacy/Kip/Sophia/Alejandro are such great visual tools.  I love that they have the age, weight and height ranges and clearly state “8 to 12 years” on them. They are great at exhibit events, especially when coupled with a seat belt fit/booster demo on the dial-a-belt. They work great at the inspection stations to give us a quick and easy measurement of the child.

As you can tell, I love the Stand Ups! See the attached picture of Stand Up Steve in use! We set him up at every update, certification and renewal class.”

Suzanne Grace
Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor
Tall Pine Safety Resource Center, Executive Director

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