What Caregivers & Parents Look For In A Car Seat

A recent study from Motor1.com revealed that consumers are becoming more savvy about what they look for when it comes to car seats for their children. Consider these statistics:

  • Approximately 89% of responders stated safety as their top priority.
  • Over 46% said the car seat needed to be the appropriate size for their child.
  • 42% of those surveyed mentioned functionality as a priority.
  • Over 38% of respondents listed easy installation.

While safety is the top priority, it can be a daunting task to select the best seat for each child and each vehicle. Here are two resources publicly available to help parents and caregivers:

Recent statistics reveal the stark reality of child safety in vehicles. The CDC reveals that car seats reduce the risk for injury in a crash by 71-82%. These statistics serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of diligent research and careful consideration when choosing a car seat.

I’m Safe! is dedicated to helping caregivers and parents provide the best possible protection for their children during car rides. Resources that remind us all of the combination of advanced safety features, proper installation procedures, and an understanding of recent statistics empowers us make informed decisions. Browse our Child Passenger Safety items including:

  • Visual Car Seat Guide – To help parents recall information from car seat checks and clarify what they need to pay attention to in order to use the car seats correctly. This guide has 16 pages, 45 full color photos, and can be customized with your information!
  • In The Car Activity Book – We can even include information about fitting stations, car seat check up events, or your state’s booster or occupant protection laws.
  • “Is Your Child In The Right Car Seat” Bookmark – Based on NHTSA and AAP guidelines.
  • And much more!

Gather the resources you need as we quickly approach Child Passenger Safety Week in September! Contact us if you have any questions or a specific safety item in mind.