2-1210 I'm Safe! in the Car Presenter's Guide For 2 to 3

Child Passenger Safety Products have been updated to reflect the latest AAP policy.

2-1210 I'm Safe! in the Car Presenter's Guide Grades 2 to 3
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The I'm Safe! in the Car Teacher's Guide makes it easy to integrate booster and car seat education into any curriculum or classroom presentation.

The guide includes ideas for 1, 5 and 15-minute time slots, activities that make use of materials already found in most classrooms, four 20-30 minute lessons plus one "most of day" activity that build on each other to educate children about how to be safe in the car. In addition to the lesson plans and activities the guide includes:

  • Quick Start Guidelines to help you plan your activities and lessons.
  • Across the Curriculum information to integrate lessons with academic learning objectives.
  • A sample Parent Letter template.
  • Pre and Post Behavioral Observation Criteria.
  • Critical Thinking Questions.

This guide is specifically designed to make it easy to help you integrate child passenger safety education into your classroom presentations and activities. If you would like to implement the I'm Safe! in the Car Program in your school district we would be happy to work with you to code all of the lessons and activities to your state's specific Grades 2-3 learning objectives. 

Details: 8 1/2" x 11", 24 pages, self cover, black and white through out.