2-3141 I'm Safe! in the Car Backseat Bingo Game

Child Passenger Safety Products have been updated to reflect the latest AAP policy.

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SKU: 2-3141
Product Origin: Made in USA

Catch Someone doing Something Safe! Inspire kids to use what they know to find others riding safely. Build kids' confidence and reinforce safe riding for the entire family as passengers look for children riding in the back seat, children riding in car seats, grownups who are buckled up, and other safety-related items.  


  • 2 games in one: Backseat Bingo and a Safety Scavenger Hunt.
  • Laminated card: Stiff enough to use; soft enough to be safer in a vehicle than common books and toys.

Use crayons or non-toxic dry erase markers to mark bingo squares and I Spy objects.  

Perfect for Pre-K to K aged children.   We also have presenter's cards which include talking points and additional activities on the back of each card to make it even easier to help kids learn about child passenger safety.

You can have your own customized version of the I'm Safe! in the Car Back Seat Bingo Cards complete with your logo and contact information.  Call 1-877-669-7233 to see what we can do for you!

Details: 8.5" x 11", laminated, full color; twenty-five different versions of cards within each packet.

1-9$39.95 ea.
10-24$38.95 ea.
25-49$37.95 ea.
50-99$36.95 ea.
100-199$35.95 ea.
200+$34.95 ea.