5-1707 Home Safety Teacher's Guide & Masters

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5-1707 Home Safety Teacher's Guide & Masters
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The Home SafetyTeacher's Guide makes it easy to integrate home safety education into your early childhood classroom. This guide focuses on giving children and their families tools they need to help prevent the most common home injuries: falls, drowning, poisoning, airway obstruction, and burns.

Parent and caregiver involvement is encouraged with opportunities to volunteer, illustrated handouts, parent letters, and guidelines for hosting a Home Safety Family Fun Night.

The guide includes ideas for 1, 5 and 15-minute time slots, talking points, activities that make use of materials already found in most classrooms, and six 30-45 minute lessons. In addition to the lesson plans and activities the guide includes:

  • Quick Start Guidelines to help you plan your activities and lessons.
  • Correlations to Head Start standards
  • A sample Parent Letter and Family Fun Night invitation that can be filled in, photocopied and distributed.
  • Pre and Post evaluation questions.
  • Take home masters for duplication and distribution (written at no more than a 4th grade level)

Flexible activities, talking points and role play ideas that can be used year round to reinforce learning.

Details: 8 1/2" x 11", 28 pages, full color cover, black and white interior.