6-3827 I'm Safe! Activity Play Mat

6-3827 I'm Safe! Activity Play Mat
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SKU: 6-3827
Product Origin: Made in USA

The I'm Safe! Activity Play Mat offers hours of safety fun . . . for safer kids!

This play mat is designed to be used interactively, with parents and teachers reading the safety tips, guiding children to understand what they mean, and then demonstrating the rules of the road with toy vehicles (not included) and pretend pedestrians. Universal and commonly used USA signs and signals are pictured on the play mat.

More than 15 safety tips are included, making it perfect for teaching:

  • School bus danger zones: Children can practice with fingers or toys and show what it means to stay out of the danger zone around the school bus.
  • Traffic signs and signals: Parents and teachers can help young children learn what the signs mean and what they should do when they see them.
  • Pedestrian, Car, and Bicycle Safety: Safety tips cover critical steps such as using a safety seat and helmet correctly.

The play mat can be attached to a table with Velcro® tabs or double sided tape.

Download the free PDF instructions here for more teaching ideas.

Specs: 2’ x 3’, full color vinyl; can withstand most hospital cleaning methods such as CaviWipes. The play mat also can be customized for your hospital, school or organization.


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