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  • 1-3870C Custom Bike Safety Goodie Bag
    Perfect for your next bike-to-school, rodeo, or bike safety event, I'm Safe! on my Bike Custom Goodie Bags engage children in bicycle safety while you teach the parents. Plus, each bag includes a Parent Tip Card...
    Sku: 1-3871
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  • 2-3899 Bilingual Life-Size Height Chart Display - Luca
    *Updated in accordance with AAP and NHTSA guidelines "When can my child ride on the vehicle seat?" Seat belts do not usually fit until kids are 4'9" tall, weigh about 80 pounds and are between 8-12 years old. Stand-up Luca is a...
    Sku: 2-3899
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  • Bike/Pedestrian Safety Light Set & Custom Card
    New! Make Riders & Walkers More Visible! Bright Safety Lights with Your Message Parents and caregivers will thank you for keeping their children safer with these highly visible white and red LED lights.  Attach the lights...
    Sku: R400
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  • 1-2820 I'm Safe! on My Bike Paint Sheet - Spanish
    The Spanish version of the I'm Safe! on my Bike Paint Sheet is a fun way to teach kids how to make sure their bicycle helmet fits correctly.   The paint sheet comes with six paint colors and an educational scene to paint. Just moisten the...
    Sku: 1-2820
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  • 1-2880 I'm Safe! on My Bike Poster - Spanish
    The Spanish edition of this colorful, informative poster is a fun way to reinforce the important child bicycle safety information presented in the I'm Safe! on My Bike storybooks and activity books. The safety rules on the poster encourage...
    Sku: 1-2880
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  • 1-3290 I'm Safe! On My Bike Activity Book - Spanish
    Ride safe! The self-cover, Spanish edition of the I'm Safe! on my Bike Activity Book inspires kids and parents to ride safely with fun,interactive bike safety activities. The activity book also includes a new "You are your kid...
    Sku: 1-3290SC
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  • 1-3831 I'm Safe! on my Bike Mini Activity Book - Bilingual
    Teach children to drive their bikes safely! The bilingual, mini edition of the I'm Safe! on my Bike Activity Book inspires kids and parents to ride safely with fun, interactive bike safety activities.This 12-page booklet - in English...
    Sku: 1-2572
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  • 1-4270 I'm Safe! on Wheels Award Certificate - Spanish
    Use the Spanish edition of the I'm Safe! on Wheels Award Certificate to recognize and reward children for understanding what it means to be a safe on wheels. Suitable for framing, these award certificates serve as an important reminder of the...
    Sku: 1-4270
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  • 11-3996 MyPlate Nutrition Spanish Extension Kit
    Teaching nutrition based on the USDA’s MyPlate guidelines just got easier. You can now use "The Adventures of MyPlate" Spanish Extension Kit to reach Spanish-speaking families and their children with valuable nutrition information. These extension...
    Sku: 11-3996
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  • 11-4011 "My Plate" Healthy Eating Nutrition Poster - Spanish
    Encourage students to stay strong and healthy by eating according to the new My Plate guidelines from the USDA. The Spanish version of this interactive poster challenges young students to match the foods in the pictures with their section on “My Plate...
    Sku: 11-4011
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