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  • 10-4625 CyberSafety: Safe to the Xtreme Activity Book
    Inspire "internet smarts" in tweens with the new CyberSafety Self Cover Activity Book for kids ages 9-13. Reviewed by experts, CyberSafety integrates fun with key internet safety messages, including:   What...
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  • 10-4628 Get In The Game Safe To The Xtreme Activity Book
    Keep the game fun, keep your kid safe. Gear up for Sports Safety with the new “Get in the Game”  sports safety self cover activity book. As the latest addition to the acclaimed Safe to the Xtreme series, Get in the Game...
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  • 10-4640 Xtreme Traffic Safety Bingo Game for Pre-Teens
    Catch someone doing something safe! Build kids' confidence and promote safe decisions in risky situations. Ideal for ages 9-12. Features:  Two games in one: Xtreme Bingo and Xtreme Challenge (instructions are on the back of the cards)  Laminated...
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  • 10-4645 Don't Forget Your Gear Standup Banner Display
    Don't Forget Your Gear Edgy graphics and popular anime-style characters encourage pre-teens to use their helmet and safety gear. Perfect for sports safety presentations and health fairs, the banner can be used as a standalone display or as an...
    Sku: 10-4645
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  • 10-4650 Walk 'n Roll Bookmarks - English
    Stretch pre-teen brains as they think through how best to handle the tricky stituations described on these colorful traffic safety bookmarks. Raise awareness of concussion prevention. Tailor the contents to your specific program or campaign....
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  • 10-4652 Walk to School Award Certificate Grades 3-6  - English
    Use the Walk to School Award Certificate to recognize and reward pre-teens for participating in Walk to School events and Safe Routes to School programs. Suitable for framing, these award certificates serve as an important reminder of what it takes to be...
    Sku: 10-4652
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  • 10-4735 Safety Rules Sticker - English
    The Safety Rules sticker is a great way to remind and reinforce safe decision making with pre-teen kids. Details: 2.5” round, 250 stickers/roll.  Available in English.
    Sku: 10-4735
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  • 10-4870 Pre-Teen Bike Safety Tattoos
    Reinforce bicycle safety for pre-teens with these colorful temporary tattoos.  Perfect for bike rodeos and Walk to School events. 
    Sku: 10-4870
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  • 10-4893 Concussion Facts Standup Banner Display
    What happens when you hit your head? Catch students' attention with this graphic display showing how concussions can occur and what symptoms to watch for. Perfect for sports safety presentations and health fairs, this standup banner can be...
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  • 10-4894 Concussion Care Standup Banner Display
    What should you do if you think you have a concussion? This colorful banner display focuses on common concussion symptoms and what students should do about them: Stop playing immediately. Tell a coach, parent or teacher right away. Get an...
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