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  • 10-4640 Xtreme Traffic Safety Bingo Game for Pre-Teens
    Catch someone doing something safe! Build kids' confidence and promote safe decisions in risky situations. Ideal for ages 9-12. Features:  Two games in one: Xtreme Bingo and Xtreme Challenge (instructions are on the back of the cards)  Laminated...
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  • 10-4645 Don't Forget Your Gear Standup Banner Display
    Don't Forget Your Gear Edgy graphics and popular anime-style characters encourage pre-teens to use their helmet and safety gear. Perfect for sports safety presentations and health fairs, the banner can be used as a standalone display or as an...
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  • 10-4870 Pre-Teen Bike Safety Tattoos
    Reinforce bicycle safety for pre-teens with these colorful temporary tattoos.  Perfect for bike rodeos and Walk to School events. 
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  • 10-4891 Brain Function Tabletop Display - Customized Sample
    What does your brain do for you? Raise awareness of brain function and why it is so important to protect your brain. This highly visual tabletop display shows various lobes of the brain and some of the functions of each lobe. Perfect for...
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  • 6-1345 SRTS Activity Coloring Book - Spanish Edition
    The self-cover, Spanish edition of the Safe Routes to School Activity Coloring Book is a fun, cost-effective way to teach bicycle and pedestrian safety to support your Safe Routes to School or Walk to School Day events. Students will learn these...
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  • 6-3346 You Can't Stop A Train Standup Banner
    Prevent Train Accidents Even in an emergency, trains can take over one mile to stop.  The You Can't Stop A Train stand-up banner is a great way to let families know how to cross railroad tracks safely. Perfect for Operation...
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  • 6-3420 What is a Walking School Bus or a Bike Train Banner
    All About Walking School Buses & Bike Trains Explain a walking school bus or bike train quickly and easily with this eye catching stand-up banner display. Perfect for Walk to School or Safe Routes to School events. Each stand-up banner comes...
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  • $299.00
    Teach Children How To Be Safe Walkers Explain the keys to safe walking with this eye catching stand-up banner display. Perfect for Walk to School or Safe Routes to School events. Each stand-up banner comes with its own stand in a compact case (44" x 6")...
    Sku: 6-3802
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  • 6-3810 Crosswalk Countdown Bookmark K-2 - English
    Teach children when to cross with these colorful bookmarks, specifically designed for grades K-2. Tailor the contents to your specific program or campaign. Great for Safe Routes and Wakl to School events, and health fairs! You can have your own...
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  • 6-6995 I'm Safe! Walk to School Kit Grades 3-6
    Reach pre-teenaged kids and their families with pedestrian safety education to support your Walk to School or Safe Routes to School Programs and events.  The kit emphasizes safety education and the importance of being visible and is a great way to...
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