October 2019 Newsletter

NHTSA's 2020 events; kids riding safely in pickup truck bed?; walk-to-school numbers; vaping death causes and more 


There isn't much time to take a breath between October's events and the upcoming holiday season. Please know we are here for you with materials you may need for health fairs, car seat checks, classroom presentations, mall events, safety displays and more.

This month's newsletter features NHTSA's newly released 2020 events, a viral video of kids riding safely in a pickup truck bed(?), the NFPA's new state fire death report, an exploration of vaping illness causes, and more.

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Have a Safe and Happy Halloween, 

Wendy, Jamie and
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2020 New NHTSA Events ... During 2020, NHTSA has designated the entire month of October as Pedestrian Safety Month, moved Heatstroke Awareness Day from July 31 to May 1, and added Vehicle Safety Recall Awareness Week (March 2-6). Follow these links to see NHTSA's newly released 2020 Events and Communications Calendars.
The Thanksgiving holiday weekend is the deadliest on our roadways due in part to events like "Blackout Wednesday" and "Danksgiving" which promote heavy use of alcohol and marijuana. You will find free artwork from NHTSA here; or you may want to share these hashtags on social media: #BoycottBlackoutWednesday and #DitchDanksgiving. 

Share the message of getting home safely with our risky driving holiday bookmarksEmail Jamie for an estimate.




The "Best Car Seats and Booster Seats for Kids" according to New York Magazine ... Based on feedback from experts and parents, NY Magazine offered recommendations for car-seats that would fit a variety of vehicles, plus make installations smoother and safer.

Is there a way kids can ride safely in the bed of a pickup truck? Apparently so, with seats from BedRyder (which is now defunct). Read more here.  See the video that went viral.




Who walked on Walk to School Day? This year, 4,639 schools registered their Walk to School events held earlier this month. The number is down from last year's high of 5,612 registered events. You can view historical data for your state's Walk and Bike to School events here.

I'm Safe! offers a full line-up of reflectives and educational materials to encourage students to walk and ride safely. See more here.


Should an alarm sound when rear seat passengers do not wear their seat belts? NHTSA is seeking public comment on a proposed regulation (Docket No. NHTSA-2019-0093) that would require a rear seat belt warning system. Seat belt use in rear seats has been consistently lower than the use in front seats. You can read about the proposed regulation here, and also submit your comments.




More teens are getting their driver's licences before age 18 ... According to a survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 41% of young adults ages 18-24 were licensed "at or before age 16, and 60% before age 18." This represents an 11% increase since 2012. Read more here.

To compare the graduated driver's license laws in your state with those of other states, click here. For materials to reach teen drivers that can be customized with your messaging, click here.



National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) finds wide variance in fire  death rates by state ... By analyzing death certificate data, the NFPA found that the fire death rate per million was lower in 2013–2017 than in 1981–1985 across all 50 states. The data also showed a 2 percent increase in fire deaths nationally from 2008–2012 compared to 2013–2017. Higher fire death rates correlated with larger percentages of people who have a disability, have incomes below the poverty line, are smokers, who live in rural areas; and who are "either African American or Black, or are Native American or Alaskan Native." Read the report here.


Vaping-related deaths and lung injuries are on the rise ... At least 17 people have died and over 800 have been hospitalized due to vaping-related illnesses, with no single explanation. Scientific American describes the hunt for a cause.  Is it Vitamin E, black market pods, THC lacing, all of the above, or something completely different? 

An additional danger that comes from liquids that smell like candy and pods that appear edible: they appeal to small children



Winter is coming (and in some places, it's here)... which means it's time to prepare our vehicles, homes and clocks (daylight savings ends November 3rd). The CDC offers a comprehensive list of preparations that people should  take to prepare for winter emergencies, travel and general outdoor precautions. 

Do you need materials for winter safety? Let us know!


Car Seat Checkup Announcement Posters - Your Choice To prevent furniture tip-over injuries and more, Ikea launches "Safer Homes" initiative ... Eight children have died since 1989 when Ikea furniture fell on them, leading to Ikea's recall of 29 million dressers. Now the company is investing in a "Safer Homes" initiative. "The goal of the initiative is to make homes safer for families and children with a new mobile app and in-store workshops, in addition to ongoing Secure It! awareness campaigns and co-worker training."  Read more here.
Upcoming Family Health & Safety Days & Specials*
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ecials expire the last day of each month. Specials may not be combined for the same item.  
October 2019
* 10% off orders of Self-cover Activity Books ($250+)

* Reflectives: 10% off, no set-up fees on Slap Band 1892 and Armband 1893 ($250+)

* 10% off Teaching Kits

Bullying Prevention Month
Dental Hygiene Month
Head Start Awareness Month
SIDS Awareness Month
Walk to School Month

2           Walk to School Day
6-12      Fire Prevention Week
7           Child Health Day
14         Columbus Day
20-26    Teen Driver Safety Week
21-25    School Bus Safety Week
26         Make A Difference Day
31         Halloween - NHTSA Buzzed Driving Campaign

November 2019

Family Caregivers Month

3           Daylight Savings Ends
5           Elections Day
11         Veterans Day
28         Thanksgiving Day
28         Thanksgiving Holiday Travel - NHTSA Buckle Up. Every Trip. Every Time.
    Pre-holiday Season - NHTSA Buzzed Driving Campaign

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December 2019

Safe Toys and Gifts Month
Impaired Driving Prevention Month

12/ 11-
1/1/20 Holiday Season - NHTSA Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign

21         Winter Begins
25         Christmas

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January 2020

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18-26    Snowmobile Safety Week
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