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  • 6-3390 I'm Safe! Walk 'n Roll Bingo Game - English
    Catch someone doing something safe! Build kids' confidence and encourage safe walking. Features:  2 games in one: Walk 'n Roll Bingo and a Safety Scavenger Hunt.  Laminated card: Stiff enough to use; soft enough to be safer in a vehicle than...
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  • 6-3391 Walking Star Bingo Game Front
    Catch someone doing something safe! Build kids' confidence and encourage safe walking.  The Walking Star Bingo Game is based on the popular Walk 'n Roll Bingo Game.  This version has been designed specifically for younger children in early...
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  • 6-3392 Walk ‘n Roll Bingo Single Use Game Pads Front
    Teach and encourage safe pedestrian skills with this entertaining bingo game. Each I’m Safe! Bingo Game Pad includes 50 game cards, with two copies each of twenty-five different game designs. So, if you have a group of 25, each child can have a different...
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  • 6-3827 I'm Safe! Activity Play Mat
    The I'm Safe! Activity Play Mat offers hours of safety fun . . . for safer kids! This play mat is designed to be used interactively, with parents and teachers reading the safety tips, guiding children to understand what they mean, and then demonstrating the...
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  • 6-4500 I'm Safe! Walk 'n Roll Oversized Bingo Game
    This fun, interactive, over sized bingo game is a great way to teach pedestrian safety  and safe walking skills to groups of young children.  The colorful "bingo card" is printed on a 24" x 36" piece of vinyl and comes with two...
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  • 6-4580 Walk 'n Roll Bingo Presenter's Cards - English
    These colorful, laminated,picture cards match images from the Walk 'n Roll Bingo game.  Each card includes talking points on back, making it easy to teach young children about pedestrian safety.   Details: 8.5" x 11", laminated,...
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