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A National Discussion on Bullying

Autumn is a time when families and friends enjoy football games in the brisk fresh air or gather in the den to watch college and NFL games together. This  popular team sport has been in the spotlight in a struggle to recognize and reduce the physical dangers that concussions pose to players’ immediate and long-term health. But recently the focus has shifted to the hidden world of bullying in adult professional sports. read more

Fire Prevention - This Week and All Year Long

The NFPA has compiled some sobering facts about fire.* read more

Bullying Prevention: How tough is tough enough?

News reports about bullying flashed through my mind this week as one of our children brought his own bullying experience home.

Our little guy (LG) joined the swim team this year. Kids of all ages participate, which means they change in the locker room together. On Friday, LG told us the older boys were taking his stuff and hiding it from him in different parts of the locker room. He didn't want to get anyone in trouble, but he wanted to know if we thought this was bullying. read more

How can people forget their child is in the car?

It shouldn’t happen, but it does. In 2010, 49 children died of hyperthermia from being left in cars. So far this year, 19 children have died.

According to Jan Null of San Francisco State University*, a study of 494 hyperthermia deaths in children found that 51% were forgotten by a caregiver, another 30% were playing in an unattended vehicle and 17% were intentionally left in the car by an adult. The majority of children who died were 2 years old or younger. read more

Sports Safety: What can be done to prevent football-related concussions?

The recent New York Times article about the safety of kids' football helmets* prompted much discussion here in our office. If football helmet improvements are three to four years away, how can we better protect kids from football-related head injuries now?

We spoke with Randy Swart, Vice Chair of the ASTM Subcommittee F08.53 on Headgear and Helmets and Director of the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute (www.bhsi.org). read more

Review safety tips with your children for happy holidays!

With the holidays quickly approaching, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is a lost or missing child. Whether heading to the mall or a busy airport, now is the perfect time to review important personal safety steps with children. A few minutes of preparation can help ensure safer and happier holidays...and peace of mind.

Wherever you go, pick a place to meet in case you become lost or separated, such as an information booth or the entrance to a favorite store. read more

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Please become a “fan” of our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/imsafepeople. As a “fan,” you will receive special offers and announcements about our safety products. Find interesting safety statistics and links to the latest safety news too! read more

I'm Safe recognized at the International Safety Awards in London

I'm Safe was recently recognized at the 2010 International Safety Awards (ISMA) in London. The international competition recognized excellence in messages regarding safety and injury prevention.

In the print category, I’m Safe received an honorable mention for the “Distracted Driving Bookmark.” The colorful bookmark is an effective and affordable way to communicate safe-driving practices and driver attention. read more

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