Fall 2013 – Getting Ready for Big Events!

In various parts of the country, September means “back to school” or “leaves turning” or “agricultural fairs” . . . but for the health and safety community, it is the season of Big Events. Take a look at what’s coming: read more

Announcing the 2013 Child Safety Solutions 15-Year Celebration Sweepstakes

Join our email list and you will automatically be entered in our 15-Year Celebration Sweepstakes. Each month, we will hold a random drawing from all our Email Subscribers; the winning entry will receive one of these delightful Maine-Made gifts.  Click here to enter. read more

Mommy, who Is Sandy and why was she so mean?

Two weeks ago, we were visiting with friends at the CPS Region 2 Conference in Atlantic City. Two days after the meeting, "Sandy" hit, flooding the New Jersey shore and wreaking havoc across fourteen states.

The storm has passed but over one million people are still without power and storm-related losses are expected to total between 30 to 50 billion dollars. read more

Distracted & Drunk Driving Prevention Bookmarks Special Offer: 10% Off & Free Shipping until 11/30/2012.

No one wants to miss the holidays! Use our new, affordable bookmarks to remind Teens, Parents and Families that distracted and drunk driving are just not worth the risk. These bookmarks make the perfect giveaway for shopping areas, events, DMVs, schools and health fairs. Now 10% off with free shipping until 11/30/2012. read more

Download our Distracted Driving Quiz

I'm Safe! has developed a Distracted Driving Quiz to support your campaigns and programs. Please feel free to use the "Easy Distracted Driving Quiz" (below) in your hand-outs and newsletters. We only ask that you include the copyright line as it is written.

To download a PDF of the quiz, click here:

Car Seat Safety: Protecting Your Child from Hyperthermia Ann Weinstein Fletcher Allen Health Care

Warm weather is finally starting to reach us in Midcoast, Maine. Granted, our definition of warm is anything over 40 degrees.

With the warm weather we thought you might like Ann Weinstein's blog about hyperthermia, a.k.a. heat stroke.  Ann is a Child Passenger Safety Specialist at the Office of Community Health Improvement at Fletcher Allen Health Care. Ann writes... read more

Bullying Prevention: How tough is tough enough?

News reports about bullying flashed through my mind this week as one of our children brought his own bullying experience home.

Our little guy (LG) joined the swim team this year. Kids of all ages participate, which means they change in the locker room together. On Friday, LG told us the older boys were taking his stuff and hiding it from him in different parts of the locker room. He didn't want to get anyone in trouble, but he wanted to know if we thought this was bullying. read more

Water Safety Teaching Tools

How can people forget their child is in the car?

It shouldn’t happen, but it does. In 2010, 49 children died of hyperthermia from being left in cars. So far this year, 19 children have died.

According to Jan Null of San Francisco State University*, a study of 494 hyperthermia deaths in children found that 51% were forgotten by a caregiver, another 30% were playing in an unattended vehicle and 17% were intentionally left in the car by an adult. The majority of children who died were 2 years old or younger. read more

Are you ready for National Water Safety Month?

May is National Water Safety Month and National Drowning Prevention Month.  Reach both children and parents with water safety messages before summer starts. read more

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