Summer Safety Resources

We like to remind ourselves of how important it is to support parents when it comes to summer safety awareness. Safe Kids Worldwide found that unintentional injuries and deaths to children ages 0 to 14 increase during the summer. These recent statistics shed light on some key topics: read more

Safe Routes To School

As the weather grows nicer, you may notice more activity when you’re driving. Whether its teachers walking their classes to the local library or children walking or riding their bikes home after school, the streets in our communities can be active this time of year! read more

National Water Safety & Drowning Prevention Month

Alcohol Awareness Month

Distracted Driving Awareness Month

National Dog Bite Prevention Week

We welcome the month of April which also means warmer days, later sunsets, flowers blooming, children playing outside – and for those pet owners – perhaps longer walks with the dog! read more

Bicycle Safety

As we continue to welcome Spring a lot of us are eager to get outdoors. What better way to stay active and get some fresh air than riding a bike? Before we know it, we’ll be celebrating National Bike Month in May and it’s a great time to help raise awareness for bicycle safety. read more

Heatstroke Awareness Resources

St. Patrick's Day Is Almost Here!

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect opportunity to remind parents and caregivers to get their children’s car seats checked. To make this easier, you are welcome to download this complimentary meme. read more

A National Discussion on Bullying

Autumn is a time when families and friends enjoy football games in the brisk fresh air or gather in the den to watch college and NFL games together. This  popular team sport has been in the spotlight in a struggle to recognize and reduce the physical dangers that concussions pose to players’ immediate and long-term health. But recently the focus has shifted to the hidden world of bullying in adult professional sports. read more

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